About DMOS


In the mountains, the intersection of passion and need is usually where you find
success. That’s where the DMOS brand was formed.

Founded in Jackson Hole, DMOS Collective came from the world of competitive
snowboarding, and the desire to build higher, more complex “kickers” that our
founder’s son and his friends could launch from to do bigger, more dramatic tricks.
The “Stealth” shovel was the result.


While driving to snowboarding events throughout the snow-covered roads of the
Rocky Mountain West, we discovered the shovel designed to effectively and
efficiently move snow and ice on the slopes, worked equally well for cars stuck in
snow, slush and ice. And a new, specialized “car shovel” was born. Compact enough to fit in the trunk of any car, DMOS shovels assemble quickly and easily into a strong, durable, snow and ice-eating tool in any situation, giving drivers the confidence to
drive anywhere, anytime, to get where they need to go to enjoy the outdoors.

A Collective? In its early years, DMOS was supported by thousands of mountain
sports enthusiasts in a spirited Kickstarter campaign. Production was moved
entirely to the US to ensure quality. And the “DMOS community was formed.” A
community dedicated to safety on the road and in the mountains, for themselves,
their families, and others.

Today, DMOS continues to design and build tools to move snow, ice, dirt and sand,
and fit in any car, anywhere. And we continue to design and build products that help the DMOS community get to and enjoy the outdoor places they love, safely and confidently.




Our mission is to continually surprise and empower people while treading lightly upon our planet.

DMOS is a proud supporter of 1% for the Planet. 

1% For The Planet Environmental Stewardship